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Types of Funds

Loans and Investment for Business Operators   

 (As of April 2015)

Name of Loan/Fund Eligibility Uses of Loan/Fund
Industrial development loans Companies, etc. that run businesses that contribute to the development of industry in Okinawa Equipment funds, etc.
Small and medium-sized enterprise loans The following small- to mid-size businesses
                                              (Capital)           (No. of employees)
Building industry,                    
manufacturing industry,             300 million    or   300 employees
transportation industry, etc.        yen or less                or less
Wholesale trade                       100 million     or   100 employees
                                               yen or less                 or less
Retail trade, restaurants              50 million    or     50 employees
                                                 yen or less               or less
Service industry                         50 million    or   100 employees
                                                 yen or less              or less
Equipment funds Long-term working capital
Micro business loans Persons running an independent business with an address in Okinawa and have an appropriate business plan concerning operations in Okinawa in place Equipment funds Working capital
Environmental health business loans Life hygiene related businesses, including restaurants, cafes, processed meat sales businesses, processed chicken meat sales businesses, ice sales businesses, hair salon business, beauty salon businesses, hotel businesses, bathhouse businesses, and cleaning businesses Equipment funds Working capital
Medical service loans Individuals or medical institutions, etc. establishing hospitals, long-term care health facilities, medical clinics, or training facilities for healthcare practitioners, etc. Equipment funds Working capital
Primary sector loans (agriculture, forestry, fisheries) Persons operating agriculture (including stockbreeding), forestry or fishery businesses

Persons operating businesses involved in the processing, transport, or sale of agriculture, forestry, livestock, and marine produce

Equipment funds Working capital
Support fund system for startups Persons starting new business ventures (or have just recently started such a venture), or persons operating businesses that have introduced new technology, etc. Equipment funds Working capital
Investment funds Persons that run businesses that contribute to the development of industry in Okinawa through the servicing and upgrading of transport/logistics infrastructure, and telecommunications infrastructure, and through urban renewal Funds required for business operation
Investments for the creation of new businesses Persons starting a new business, persons for which five years has not passed since the start of their business, and persons opening new business fields Funds required for business operation

Financing for Persons Acquiring/Leasing Housing

Name of Loan Eligibility Uses of Loan
Housing loans Persons involved in the construction of rental housing/condominiums, etc.

Persons involved in the construction of individual housing, or purchasing said housing, and persons renovating housing

Funds required for housing construction, etc.

Financing for Persons Requiring Educational Funding, etc.

Name of Loan Eligibility Uses of Loan
Educational loans Parents and guardians of persons entering, or enrolled in high school, university, etc.(The subject person him/herself may also use said funds under certain circumstances) Funds required to enter or attend school
Pension-secured loans Persons receiving pension, mutual aid pension, etc. payments Business fund, consumption fund

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